In order to build your tour, the 360 photos that you upload must be in a 2:1 equirectangular .jpg file format. You may receive an error if your 360 photos are unstitched, or if it isn't a .jpg file. Most 360 cameras will have the option to export your 360 photos directly in this file type, typically this is available in the mobile app that can be used with your 360 camera. 

Please find an example of a 360 photo in the correct 2:1 equirectangular .jpg file format below:

If you edit your photos before uploading them to us, please do not crop the image. This may cause our software to reject the photo, and can cause your tour to appear distorted.

If your editing software has any straightening features used to level the image, this can remove rows of pixels from your images. Please ensure that such features are not used on your photos.