Once you've got your 360 photos, you'll need to upload and submit them to our team. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Login to your EyeSpy360 account

2. Click the Add Tour button in your account dashboard.

3. Enter a name for your tour, then click the Proceed button. This will open the tour editor.

4. Click the Upload button inside your tour editor and then select your 360 photos from your file explorer. Once selected, open these photos and they will begin uploading to the platform. When a photo has uploaded it will appear as a donut shaped image inside your tour editor.

5. Review your 360 photos to ensure they have all successfully uploaded. You can also preview each photo inside 360 View by double clicking on each donut shaped image, or by using the 360 button in the top left of your editor.

6. Click the Build My Tour button at the top of your screen. 

7. A new window will open. Enter your camera lens height. The lens height is necessary for accurate floor plan measurements.

8. Click the Buy button and you will be prompted to enter your payment information to complete your order.

When you have submitted your order successfully, you will receive an email confirmation. Our turnaround time for your order is less than 24 hours Monday to Friday. When your order is completed you will receive a link to your published tour directly via email.

If you have also ordered a teaser video, you will receive a second email with a direct download link for your teaser video.

While your order is being processed your tour will be locked inside your account. Once your order is complete your tour will be unlocked and you can proceed to customise your completed tour.