Yes, it is possible to capture leads inside an EyeSpyLIVE call. If you're not available when a lead tries to make a call with you, they will be prompted to enter their contact details so you can call them back.

When a lead clicks the Start Live Chat button inside your tour, you automatically receive a notification inside your EyeSpy360 account to accept or ignore the call. If you choose to ignore the call, or if you're unable to accept, your lead will then be prompted to enter their name, email and phone number. 

These details will then be immediately sent over to you in an email, allowing you to get in touch with your lead as soon as you can. 

If you're not sure on how to make an EyeSpyLIVE call, please see this article for details:

How do I make video calls in my tour using EyeSpyLIVE?