EyeSpyLEADS allows you to generate leads and capture data from clients visiting your tours. When switched ON, there are three instances where clients will be prompted to enter their information:

1. If they click on the EyeSpyLEADS icon inside your virtual tour.

2. After moving through five different rooms or spaces inside your virtual tour.

3. After 1min of an EyeSpyPLAY recording, or at the end of your EyeSpyPLAY recording if this is less than 1min total.

You can activate EyeSpyLEADS to generate leads from inside your virtual tour directly within the Publish Window. To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Login to your EyeSpy360 account.

2. Click on Published Link icon for your chosen tour. This will open your tour's Publish Window.  

3. Under the heading Settings, switch Lead Generation to ON.

4. This will modify the URL under the Share heading. Copy your tour's new published URL to begin using EyeSpyLEADS in your tours.