Once you publish your tour, there are two ways to make a video call using EyeSpy LIVE:

Shared Viewing

1. Click the Shared Viewing button in the bottom left hand corner of your tour.

2. Copy your unique EyeSpyLIVE link and send to your clients via text, email or messenger.

3. When your client clicks the EyeSpyLIVE link they will automatically join you on a live video call inside your tour so you can explore immediately.

N.B. When either party is using EyeSpyLIVE for the first time you may see a message asking for permission to use your microphone and camera. It is imperative you click Allow. 

Please note that with the Shared Viewing link you can add multiple users into an EyeSpyLIVE call at once. 

Call to action: This feature allows people viewing your tour to call you directly. To use this option, you will need to have your EyeSpy360 account open and your EyeSpyLIVE status set to Online. You can do this using the LIVE option in the top right of your account dashboard. 

While you are online and someone views your tour, they will see an option to call you in the top left.


When they click this button you will be notified inside your account that someone viewing your tour would like to speak with you. 

You can choose to either accept or ignore this call. If you accept the call, you will both enter the tour immediately inside an EyeSpyLIVE video call. If you ignore the call, the user viewing your tour will be notified you aren't available and will be prompted to watch your EyeSpyPLAY recording if you have made one. 

Please see this video tutorial for more information: