It isn't possible to directly upload a PDF into an info label, however you can achieve this by uploading your PDF to a file sharing platform such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Once you've uploaded your PDF file to a file sharing platform, you will need to generate a Share Link. This is a URL that gives access to view that document. 


Do make sure to check your Share Link's permissions in order to assess its accessibility.


Once you have your Share Link, you can choose to either embed this or hyperlink this inside an information label.




To embed content into your info label, click the Embed Icon inside the Info Label toolbar.



A small pop up will appear prompting you to add the content you wish to embed. In this field paste your Share Link to embed your PDF file. Once you’ve pasted this, click the Save button. This will embed your content directly into your info label.




To add a hyperlink to your info label, first type in the text that you want to display (e.g. "Click me!"). Then, highlight that text and click the Hyperlink Icon inside the Info Label toolbar.



A small pop up will appear prompting you to paste your Share Link. Once you’ve pasted this URL, click the Save button. This will hyperlink your text immediately.



Remember, to save your info label to your published tour you will need to republish your tour in order to update it. 

Double click on the donut shaped image you wish your tour to start on. This will open 360 View. Position your screen in your desired starting position and then click the blue Publish button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. This will republish your tour and update it with your changes.