Our Best Practice Guide gives you all the top tips and tricks for taking the best 360 photos for your 360 tour, 3D model and 2D floor plan. It's a fantastic overview that gives you all the information you need when heading out to do your first 360 photoshoot. Please find our Best Practice Guide in full below as both video and text:

  • Keep your tripod at 5 feet tall.     
    • It’s important that you keep this height consistent throughout your tour, as this is what we use to determine dimensions when we’re creating your floor plan. It also creates a consistent experience for the viewer.
  • Place your camera in the middle of the room when taking your 360 photos. For rooms of up to 7 yards in width, you will only need one photo. 
    • If there is furniture in the way, such as a bed, place the camera adjacent to it, and as close to the centre of the room as possible.
    • Alternatively, if there is a table, or other flat surface, in the middle of the room, you can place your tripod and camera on top of it to take the photo. Simply adjust the height of the tripod so that there is still a 5 foot distance from the top of the tripod to the floor.
    • If you would like to take more than one photo per room, you are welcome to do so, and we will include all of the photos that you upload in your tour. However, do make sure that you have at least one photo taken from the centre of the room, as this will be used for your 3D model and floor plan. 
    • If your space is larger than 7 yards / 6 metres, you will need to take a 360 photo every 7 yards / 6 metres.
  • Start taking photos from the entryway of your property, and move through the property in a clockwise direction where possible. 
    • We recommend starting from the lowest level of your property and working your way up, so that you make sure you’re capturing every room in a logical order. If it isn’t possible to move in this direction, that’s not an issue: just make sure that you are capturing every room. 
  • Make sure you are taking photos of any hallways or connecting spaces throughout the property. 
    • This gives the viewer a smoother experience when moving through the space, and ensures an accurate floor plan. We cannot include something on the floor plan if we don’t have a photo of it. 
    • We advise having a clear line of sight between each 360 photo, so make sure that your photos of hallways and connecting spaces create a streamlined flow from one room to another. 
  • Leave all internal doors open while taking your photos so that you can see into other rooms.  
    • This makes moving through your tour feel more natural, and makes it easier for our team to put the tour together. 
  • Take photos of external parts of the property if there are any. 
    • If you’re taking multiple exterior photos, make sure there is a clear line of sight between each photo. For example, if one photo is taken from directly outside the front door, you should be able to see the front door from the next photo. Do note that exterior photos will not be included in your 3D model or floor plan. 
    • In order to ensure the best results, we typically advise taking 1 x 360 photo for every 7 yards / 6 metres.
  • If you have an L-shaped room, take your photo from a position where you can see down both lengths of the room. 
    • Alternatively, if your L-shaped room has clearly defined spaces inside it (for example, in an open plan property), you will need to take one 360 photo in each of these spaces. 
  • Make sure that you are letting as much light as possible into the space. 
    • Where there isn’t plenty of natural light, turn on lights. 
  • Our platform uses your 360 photos to create your 3D model and floor plan. If we don't have a 360 photo of a space, we won't be able to represent this inside your 3D model or floor plan. If you wish to have closet space or similar environments reflected in your floor plan, you will need to take a 360 photo of this space.


Before taking a photo:

  • Is my camera as close to the centre of the room as possible?
  • Is my tripod at 5 feet? Is it level?
  • Are all internal doors open?
  • Is the room as well lit as it can possibly be?
  • Am I out of sight of the camera?

Before leaving the property:

  • Did I capture every room in the property?
  • Did I include every hallway and connecting space in the property?
  • Did I include walk-in wardrobes or closet spaces?
  • Did I include en-suite bathrooms?