To add additional agents to your account, you will first want to check your current subscription and see if you are able to add additional agents. To view your current subscription, login to your EyeSpy360 account and click on the Settings tab. Under the heading Subscription you will see your current subscription listed. To view more details about the number of users available on your current subscription as well as other subscriptions, click the Change button. From here, you can also upgrade if needed so you can add additional users to your account.

If your current subscription does support multiple users, you can add an additional user from inside the Users tab in your account dashboard. Click the blue Add New button to create a new user profile. You will then need to add in your new user's details and contact information. Towards the end of this page you can also select your new user's Role inside the account: a User or an Admin.

A User has their own unique login and is able to create their own 360 tours inside the account. They are only able to view the tours they create as well as tours viewable to users in their allocated Group if the account admin has created one.

An Admin is able to see all of the tours created in the account by all users. They are also able to create Groups and make executive changes to the account and its tours. 

Once you have filled out your new use profile, click the blue Add button. This will send an email with login instructions to your new user. Once they have set up a password, they are able to use their independent login to access the account and create new tours.